This (private) blog created exclusively for Nurul Iiman Zhulkeflee, to aid her in learning, reciting & memorizing the Holy Qur'an and other Zikr & Du'a. Allah s.w.t. says:

فَٱقۡرَءُواْ مَا تَيَسَّرَ مِنۡهُ‌ۚ -

Fa-aqra-'uu maa ta-sai-yara min-hu

" ... so, recite of it that which is easy for you.." (Qur'an: Muzzammil:73:20)




اللّهُـمَّ اجْعَـلْ في قَلْبـي نورا ، وَفي لِسـاني نورا، وَاجْعَـلْ في سَمْعي نورا، وَاجْعَـلْ في بَصَري نورا، وَاجْعَـلْ مِنْ خَلْفي نورا، وَمِنْ أَمامـي نورا، وَاجْعَـلْ مِنْ فَوْقـي نورا ، وَمِن تَحْتـي نورا .اللّهُـمَّ أَعْطِنـي نورا .


Allahummaj- 'al fee qal-bee noora, wa-fee lisa-nee noora, waj-'al fee sam-'ee noora, waj-'al fee ba-sa-ree noora, waj-'al min khalf-fee noora, wa-min a-ma-mee noora ,waj-'al min faw-qee noora, wa-min tah-tee noora, Allahumma a'-tinee noora.


‘O Allah, place within my heart Light, and upon my tongue Light, and within my ears Light, and within my eyes Light, and place behind me Light and in front of me Light and above me Light and beneath me Light. O Allah, bestow upon (all of) me Light.’



من سن في الإ سلام سنة حسنة فله أجرها و أجر من عمل بها بعده من غير ان ينقص من أجورهم شيء، ومن سن في الإسلام سنة سيئة كان عليه وزرها و وزر من عمل بها من بعده من غير أن ينقص من أو زار هم شيئا ـ رواه مسلم

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said:“He who inaugurates a good sunna (custom or ways, examplar) in Islam earns the reward of it and (the rewards) of all who perform it after him without diminishing their own rewards in the slightest; and he who introduces a bad sunna (custom or ways, examplar) is guilty of the sin of it and (the sins) of all who perform it after him without diminishing their own sins in the slightest.”


(Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. reported by Imam Muslim)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

QUR'AN SURAH AL-KAHFI (The Cave) : Sheikh Mahmud Khalil Husary

Assalamu alaikum waraHmatullaahi wa barakaa-tuh,
The recommendation of reciting both the beginning and ending ten verses of Surat al-Kahf (the 18th sura of the Quran) has been transmitted from the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).
It is also recommended to recite the entire sura on Fridays. Imam Mundhiri (Allah have mercy on him) devoted a chapter of his al-Targhib wal Tarhib (Encouragement and Warning) to this.
Encouraging reciting Surat Kahf, or Ten Verses from its Beginning or Ten from its End
Abu al-Darda (Allah be pleased with him) related that the Prophet of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:

"Whoever commits ten verses from the beginning Surat al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal."

[Muslim, Abu Dawud, Nasai, and others; the wording is Muslims]
In a narration in Muslim and Abu Dawud it states, "From the end of Surat al-Kahf". Tirmidhi related is with the words:

"Whoever recites three verses from the beginning of al-Kahf will be protected from the tribulations of the Dajjal".

[Mundhiri, al-Targhib wal Tarhib, #2172-2173]
Imam Shafi`i (Allah have mercy on him) said in his "Kitab al-Umm",

"It has reached us that whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Fridays will be protected from the Dajjal."

[Shafi`i, al-Umm, 1.239]



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